Create a team in Microsoft Teams

This time I want to talk about a tool included in Office 365, thanks to which you can create teams, meetings, video conferences, calls, etc., in this article we are going to see the steps to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool with which you can organize everything related to each work team in one place, for example:

Group / team calendar (projects, work departments, etc.).Group / team documents (projects, work departments, etc.).Chat.choresCalls from Teams.Schedule meetings.Notes.Messages.Channels within the same group / team (Sales, purchases, commercial, ideas, etc).Applications.

To use Microsoft Teams on your mobile you must download the application from the Play Store, download Microsoft Teams from the Play Store
You can also access the Play Store on your mobile and search for Microsoft Teams.

To use Teams on your computer, go to with your username and password.
Now click on the Teams icon.
Once inside Microsoft Teams, you can start working with the tool in the same web browser, without installing any application.

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