Guide to choosing a hosting provider with a detailed overview of the types of services

The owners of websites and online stores do not do without hosting services. These services are provided by hosters. Users have a question about how to choose the right company, the services provided, as well as the type of services themselves. The main thing is that the selected list of services meets the requirements, but at the same time the price for services is acceptable.

The hosting service is necessary so that users can freely post the necessary information on the server. Only individual parts of the server or the entire server can be issued to the user.

How to choose a hosting provider?

Before choosing an organization that will provide a range of services, it is necessary to study the entire package of services provided. It is recommended to pay attention to online reviews and advice from friends. The provider must fully meet the needs of the user.

Key criteria for choosing a hosting

When the choice is made in favor of a particular company, it is important to decide on the choice of the hosting itself.

What you should pay attention to:

  • On traffic, it is desirable that it be unlimited.
  • Round-the-clock support service (you never know when a particular question will arise).
  • The ability to support the required technologies, including Python, PERL, Parser.
  • Ease of use.
  • Reliable protection against hacks and attacks.
  • Availability of POP3 or IMAP accounts (if necessary).
  • The possibility of using the grace period, free use or refund.

The choice of criteria depends on the goals set for the user.


What kind of hosting should I choose?

The main types of hosting should be noted: shared, vps, dedicated. Before choosing one of them, it is necessary to study the information about each.

The most popular and cheapest is shared. In addition to the favorable price, a significant advantage is that it is quite easy to use and even a beginner can do it. All hosting work is controlled by the provider.

But the user, choosing shared hosting, should take into account that he has a low degree of isolation. Optimally, this type is suitable for hosting small sites. It is also preferred by those who do not want to do administration on their own.

VPS is also popular. It is suitable for those who need more resources. Choosing a VPS, you can configure it yourself, as well as install the appropriate software. But this type of hosting should be chosen by those who understand the setup, since the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the user.

In comparison with Shared hosting, VPS will cost more, but it gives you the opportunity for self-administration.

Another type of hosting is a dedicated server. In this case, the client receives the entire server from the provider (in the case of a virtual one, a site was provided). It is suitable in the case when increased requirements are imposed on resources.

If you have not decided on the choice, choose the most suitable option, if you are not satisfied with these services, you can always use another type.

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