Ideas to better organize your time this year

We are just in the first week of a new year, how are you doing with your resolutions ( objectives , goals, priorities or whatever you want to call it) for the new year? We wish that you are achieving it and that you have managed yourself correctly to make those dreams come true. Here are some Ideas to better organize your time this year

So that you do not stay in the attempt there are some things that you can do that will help you achieve it. We give you some ideas to better organize your time this year .

Ideas to better organize your time this year
1.- Make plans . Establish what are the things that you should give priority to, make a list of what your goals are and write in a text the possible strategies that could help you meet them.

2.- Establish a schedule . If you can, make a spreadsheet where you put all the activities you will do in the day. Work things and personal things, this will help you commit more. You must stick to the schedule and you must stick to it.

3.- Give preference to priorities . Try to give more time to important or complicated tasks, this way it will be easier for you the rest of the day, since the most difficult part is over.

4.- Get up early . As the saying goes “God helps those who get up early”, getting up early will give you more time to carry out your activities. You will see that you will have plenty of time to do the rest of your activities. One of the biggest benefits of getting up early and getting things done is that you’ll have less stress.

5.- Calculate your times . For each activity you plan to do, allow extra time. For example, if something takes you 10 or 15 minutes, calculate another 15 minutes, so you won’t have lost much in case of delay, but in case everything goes perfectly you will have a little free time. If you find that an activity is taking more time than you estimated, review your schedule and consider how to better manage it.

6.- Group similar tasks . There are many tasks that have to do with each other, so it is better to allocate a space of time to do them all together. Do office things during work hours and don’t take work home with you. If you are going to exercise or do a sports activity, it would be best to complete your entire sports routine in that space.

7.- Compensate yourself . If for each achievement in your life you give yourself a prize, you will have greater motivation and you will carry out the activities with more enthusiasm.

What other strategy do you have to organize your time? Comment on them and we’ll add them to our list of Ideas to better organize your time this year .

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