Binance Wants to Use Crypto and Blockchain to Help Twitter Fight Bots

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the agreement between Elon Musk and Twitter to have taken so long to come to fruition has been the false accounts.

The number of bots on the social network has been the main reason used by the CEO of Tesla when he tried to back out of the company’s acquisition agreement, valued at 44,000 million dollars (44,163 million euros). However, after a long and cumbersome legal process between both parties, Musk is now the new owner of Twitter.

Among the firms that have helped finance the operation are renowned banks such as Morgan Stanley or Bank of America , individual investors and other private companies. This is the case with Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.

Binance has been one of the investors that has promoted the agreement between the billionaire and the social network, so it is normal to seek to obtain some profitability from the operation.

Perhaps this is the reason that has led him to announce that he is forming a work team to investigate ways in which blockchain technologyand cryptocurrencies can be implemented in the social network.

” Binance is developing an internal team to focus on how blockchain and cryptocurrencies could be useful to Twitter, and come up with plans and strategies that could help Elon Musk realize his vision,” a spokesperson for Binance said. company, according to Bloomberg.

The Binance spokesperson has made it clear that the project is in the early stages of development and that they are still coming up with plans. However, he has advanced that, among the proposals that have emerged, there are “chain” solutions that would aim to “address some of Twitter’s problems, such as the proliferation of false accounts in recent years.”

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