Dr. Phil Elke And Steven Baby Lucas Update -What Happened, Who Killed Him?

elke and steven baby lucas update 2022

The demise news of a 3-month-old boy named Lucas, the son of Elke and Steven, after struggling a serious mind damage which has been featured in the communicate show Dr. Phil, has startled web customers, and lovers are keen to know about the demise of the child Lucas.

Dr. Phil Baby Lucas Death: What Happened?

Elke and Steven spotted Lucas wasn’t having a look neatly one night time when he was 3 months old, so Elke took him to the sanatorium the subsequent morning. Lucas kicked the bucket a couple of days later.

Steven’s mother, Melissa, says Lucas was in a medically precipitated coma for 3 days. Doctors knowledgeable Steven that Lucas’ mind process had ceased and that he wanted to be taken off life improve.

Steven adamantly denies injuring Lucas and expresses his grief at his son’s demise. Elke does not consider his husband will do one thing that merciless to his son.

Baby Lucas does not have a Wikipedia web page. Lucas was born in 2020. He was by no means unsatisfied, slept neatly, loved bathing, and most effective screamed throughout diaper adjustments, in accordance to Steven and Elke.

On Mother’s Day morning, Elke drove Lucas to a relative’s place of dwelling. There was a small workforce of other folks there, together with children, and Lucas was not all the time visual to Elke.

Elke And Steven Baby Lucas Update -Who Killed Him?

The tale of the demise of the child Lucas is featured in two portions on the chat show Dr. Phil. Steven and his fiancée Elke introduced child Lucas into their lives in 2020.

Lucas, Steven and Elke’s 3-month-old child, died in the yr 2020. The demise of the toddler was regarded as a murder by way of the coroner who decided that the demise was led to by way of a subdural hematoma, which is in keeping with the shaken child syndrome.

“Someone had to have shaken Lucas as a result of the ones accidents couldn’t have came about another means,” argues Steven, who’s recently underneath investigation for the child’s homicide.

Elke by no means woke up Steven to inform him that Lucas’s situation had worsened when she woke up in the morning to take him to the sanatorium. Steven died in the sanatorium whilst conserving the toddler.

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