Google Photos: How to Hide Photos and Videos

Google a few months ago has launched a new feature in Google Photos that allows you to hide an image. This image hiding feature is quite useful because it could be that the image is too sensitive to display. With this feature, you can save sensitive photos and videos into a screen lock protected folder on your device.

Items that have been placed in a locked folder will not appear in the photos, memory, search, or album applications. Items in the locked folder will also not be available to other apps on your device that have access to your photos and videos. This feature can help users with photos or videos that they feel are sensitive, so that they are not easily seen by others.

Although the feature has been rolled out by the company, it is unfortunately still limited to Pixel 3 and later devices. Reporting from Gizmodo (14/7), the company promises to bring this locked folder feature to more Android devices by the end of the year. To be able to hide sensitive photos and videos in Google Photos on your Pixel device, here’s how.

First of all, open the Google Photos app. After that, you need to go to Library, then tap on Utilities. In Utilities, select Locked Folder and then tap Set up Locked Folder. In this menu, you are required to unlock the lock used on the screen of your device. This lock can be a fingerprint or a PIN according to the one you set to unlock the screen on your device.

If you don’t already have the key, you will be prompted to create one first. After you unlock the device screen in Google Photos. You can directly save photos or videos that are on your Pixel device to a locked folder
You may save photographs directly to a protected folder on Pixel phones. You can move a photo or video to a locked folder of your photo gallery by selecting it first. Once selected, tap the More icon and select Move to Locked Folder, then tap Move.

In addition, you can also save photos or videos automatically from the camera application to a locked folder. To do this, open the camera application, then tap the photo gallery, then select Locked Folder. This will make everything captured through the camera app will be stored in a locked folder.

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