History of Wax Melts – The Whole History Explained

When it comes to wax melts, they are not necessarily a new concept. They have been around for many years, and this is not something that has just come about recently. When you hear the words “wax melts” you automatically think of scented waxes for your home. However, this was not always the case when it came to wax melts, as there were some other variations to them that were used for other purposes in the past. Today we will look at how the history of these products began and how it has progressed over time up until now. This should help any consumer enjoy their experience with these products more overall, so let us begin without further delay!


The History Of Wax Melts – Where It All Began


The first use of wax in history may surprise you as it was used for a completely different purpose than what we know today. It goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, around 4500 BCE. At this time, wax was used for the mummification process that would help preserve their dead bodies for an extended period of time so they could make their way into the afterlife safely. In addition to this, many everyday items were also made from wax such as containers and other household goods.


During the Ming Dynasty of China (1368-1644), there is evidence that candle making came about here as well. The method was not always perfect though and after some trial and error, a Chinese gentleman by the name of Kaoru Saito figured out a way to use beeswax as the wick, which is what we still do today.


Another version of wax melts was used by European merchants in the 14th century and called “tabarzin”. It consisted of clay bowls with sand that would be placed over burning incense sticks, which would help keep the smoke from entering their personal space. This is similar to how most people use them today when it comes to their homes or offices for keeping the air fresh and scented at all times.


The Future Of Wax Melts In Our Society Today


With this backstory behind us now, many consumers are wondering about where wax melts will go next in our society. While there is no definitive answer, we can tell you what wax melts are today and how they are made. This should help paint a pretty good picture for you of where these products will be going in the future, without further delay!


What Are Wax Melts And How Is It Made?


So now that we have looked at the history behind wax melts, let us talk about what they actually are and how they are made. First off, they consist of long-burning scented wicks that would be placed into a container with highly scented waxes to make the whole unit. This is used to place in your home or office so that it could provide freshness and scent without any smoke being released whatsoever. These were used mostly by people looking to keep their home or office smelling fresh and appealing at all times.


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