How can I tell if someone has hacked into my Twitter account?

If when entering your social media accounts you have the feeling that someone has been messing with your things, you can check if they have accessed them. Some systems and applications incorporate a service that records each connection, so you can check what day, at what time and from where the service was last accessed.

In the case of Twitter, to know if someone has entered your account you have to log in from the computer and click on your avatar, on your profile picture.

Once there, you must go to ‘Settings’, and enter the section entitled ‘Your Twitter data’. The system will ask you to enter your password again to confirm that it is you and it is not a stranger trying to access your account settings.

Once you have entered your password and it has been validated by the system, all the account information will appear on the screen. Twitter allows you to know from where the last connection was made, if it was from the mobile application or from the web, the date, time and location of said access and even the IP of the device from which it was accessed.

In addition to this last connection, the social network allows you to consult all this data also from previous connections, including the activity of the applications that are associated with the account and that have publication or any other type of permission.

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