How technology allows us to do more without leaving home

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During the last decades, advances in information and communication technologies, known as ICT, have made available to a large part of the population tools and leisure options that were previously inconceivable for the ordinary citizen who, in addition They can be enjoyed from the comfort of home and without even having to get up from the sofa.

The appearance of social networks several years ago and that today are an indispensable part of our lives, revolutionized the world of personal and professional relationships, completely changing established industries such as journalism or allowing millions of people to contact people who, otherwise they would never have had the opportunity to meet. The applications and websites to meet a couple, once something strange and that generated a lot of rejection, are today one of the most popular ways to meet people.

One of the strengths that technology has developed has been entertainment. In the last decade, the evolution of video games has grown considerably, allowing gamers to enter the skin of characters such as Spiderman or Iron Man through virtual reality glasses or go to museum exhibitions in any city in the world.

Before something limited to certain physical places such as gambling establishments or casinos, but which today can be enjoyed from home or from anywhere simply with a mobile phone and with an internet connection to the variety of free poker that exists

To highlight within the world of leisure are streaming platforms. Enjoying a good movie or a good series from home is nothing new, but the offer was limited to renting movies in the video store or available television channels, which broadcast the content that they established and when they established it. . Today the offer is much more diverse and on demand, reaching the point of offering premieres directly on these streaming sites, which in recent years have multiplied and are already beginning to compete with cinemas.

But of course not everything is limited to leisure. More and more companies are able to coordinate the work of their employees more easily and without the need to have them all in the same building. Teleconferences are an increasingly used tool to deal with clients, suppliers or to hold meetings within the same company. And this is a trend that will probably accelerate in the coming years, especially after the situation experienced this year, which has forced many companies to advance their plans when implementing the use of this type of technology in their day-to-day life and to make teleworking common.

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This progress that has been taking place since the birth of the world wide web (WWW), has been accelerating more and more as new ideas and business models were being tested and proving not only viable but in many cases , extremely useful for users. In addition, the possibilities have multiplied as advances in technology have allowed a much faster and higher quality internet connection. This has been added to an improvement and cheaper devices such as mobile phones, cameras, microphones, assistants such as Siri, Cortana or Alexa, or the most recent virtual reality headsets. All of them are advances that allow long-awaited possibilities, but that until not so long ago seemed impossible. In the same way,


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