Although a tablet, in principle, is a device for personal use, on many occasions it ends up being shared by all members of the household. Especially if there are children (or not so children) around the house, it may be a good idea to set a series of restrictions on the tablet.
To do this, you just have to go into Settings> General and look for the option “ Restrictions”.
Once inside, we see all the fields deactivated. To be able to personalize them, all you have to do is click on “Activate restrictions” and enter and confirm a 4-digit code.
Once established, we only have to deactivate the switches of the applications or functions that we do not want to be able to be used without permission. Especially interesting are those of removing or installing applications, which can save us more than one scare on the card.

If we lower the list we can see that access to the edition of the email accounts or the location settings can also be blocked. It is also possible to set filters for iTunes content. Among other useful things, you can indicate what type of content can be freely accessed, block purchases within applications or establish that for each purchase in the Apple online store, the password of the Apple ID account is requested.

Finally, it is also possible to limit the access to multiplayer of some games in the Game Center as well as the possibility of adding friends.

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