How to add a PDF file to Word

Using files in PDF format is becoming a common activity in office work . We can list several advantages, one of them is the universal compatibility it offers.

However, it lacks one feature that we would love: editing the content . If we want to do it, we must use programs or applications to achieve it. And in this we will help you precisely, since we have selected the best tools to edit a PDF file .

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Documents in PDF format can be edited with programs or applications.

How to edit a PDF?

As we indicated before, editing a PDF by default is not possible , unless you use a tool that facilitates the work. Specifically, you can enter a website without downloading anything to edit a PDF, you can also do it with mobile applications or computer programs.

Edit a PDF online

If you are one of the people who only install essential programs on your computer, then this will come in handy. To edit a PDF you can make use of Web pages and you don’t need to install anything . This is very useful if you are going to make basic edits to the content of the PDF.


It is a website with very complete editing options. Its popularity is great and it is not for less, when editing it will seem that you are in a Word file .

It also offers the possibility of editing your PDF files directly from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, among others), or from the local storage of your computer. Here are its characteristics:

Export the edition of the PDF in the formats: Word, Excel and Power Point

  • Modify the text
  • Cross PDF
  • Check
  • Turn
  • Add signature
  • Add date and image
  • Remove content
  • Underline
  • Censor
  • Add comments
  • Draw
  • Add arrows and lines
  • pdfFiller.
  • DocHub

DocHub is a completely free online PDF editor . You only have to register to apply its basic editing options, which in its free version are the following:

  • Insert images
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Insert watermark
  • Overlay text
  • Insert comments
  • Underline text

In addition to those options, it has powerful annotation tools , an optimal editing process, and a secure workflow .

  • DocHub.
  • PDF2GO

It is a website that complies with the basic actions of editing a PDF . For example, if we want to delete content, overlay and underline text or add shapes , it is appropriate.

Also, PDF2GO is not only limited to editing the content of the PDF, but also offers other options: split, compress, merge and convert a PDF file to another format or vice versa.
  • PDF2GO.
  • Edit a PDF with mobile apps

We increasingly use the mobile phone than the computer for certain things, and this is largely due to the portability it offers. For example, if we want to edit a PDF we can do it from the mobile browser and enter one of the websites that we mentioned earlier, but it is not so comfortable. That is why there are mobile applications that facilitate work in that sense.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
It is one of the best known PDF readers out there. It is available in a mobile version and you can download it from your Android or iOS device. This application is completely free and with it you can view, sign, and comment on PDF documents in a reliable way . It also offers synchronization with files stored in the cloud (iCloud Drive, Box, Google Drive, among others).

Keep in mind that, if you are going to subscribe to the application, you will be able to take advantage of other additional options: create PDF files from documents or images, export PDF to another format, compress and combine PDF files .

Foxit PDF
Another free application that can be downloaded on iOS and Android . It has varied editing options . With Foxit PDF you can mainly do the following:

Insert smart annotations

Manage document pages

Scan documents to generate PDF files

Add signature

Use tags to manage files

Modify text

Underline text
WPS Office
Not only does it allow basic editing of your PDF file, but it also supports other file formats: DOC, DOCX, TXT, PPT AND PPTX . With this application, without a doubt, you will save space on your mobile and you will be able to edit PDF files that you have stored in the cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive). It is a totally recommended application.

Edit a PDF from your computer
One of the advantages of using a program on the computer to edit a PDF file is that you will have more advanced options that are not available in the mobile version . Of course, in general, you should consider that these programs have a cost.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
We previously talked about this tool in its mobile version, but it is also available on Windows and macOS . In fact, the most common thing when we read a PDF on the computer is to use this program as a reader . However, you may have noticed that it is not possible to edit the PDF and this is because you have to pay a subscription to get its full potential.

If you are one of the people who uses this file format every day, we recommend paying the subscription and taking advantage of its functions: add signature, edit text, organize PDF pages, convert the PDF file to another format, etc.

PDF Element
It is a program that has a free trial but then you will have to pay a subscription (quarterly, annual or perpetual). Below we list its most outstanding features :

Insert text, image or hyperlinks

Annotate and mark up PDF files

Modify text


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