How to Change your workout routine with this selection of smart ropes.

If you are tired of the gym routine, try these products that we show you below.

I don’t know if this is the best place to make confessions , I hope you are understanding and understanding, but I do not discover anything new if I affirm that my exercise routines are fading as daily work and social life take over. It is clear that when you plan your day you can make time for most of the things that matter to you and that exercise should be a fundamental part of our day to day. As I want to find the most fun and different way to exercise , join me in the search for a new product , which will delight your neighbors, since the jumps they will be his daily bread.

Aerb jump rope

We are going to start this list of recommendations with a rope, I do not know if the term is used correctly, which promises to make you sweat in a different way than what you were used to or used to. This article has two fundamental components and to which you must pay close attention. In the first place, we must know what the rope is made of that will force us to jump with each pass and in this case it is a combination of steel cable and PVC , which covers it. Then, at both ends of it, we can find the technology that will measure our performance and that is hidden inside the handles , made of resistant foam. Some bearingsthey will measure the number of jumps you do and their integrated chip will allow you to know the number of calories burned and other training parameters.

OhhGo jump rope

We introduce some very interesting novelty that I had never seen with this product. Whether you have enough space, which is not something common at home, or if you do not have it, this article will not disappoint you. It has two modes of use: the classic and a new mode where two accessories are added to the sides of the handles and these act as an invisible rope . The grips , one of the fundamental parts of these products, are made of rubber and are non-slip , which facilitates any type of exercise. This camber includes a small screen , which is where thenumber of jumps and calories consumed by exercising the body.

TOQIBO jump rope

We continue with a very beautiful product on the outside and whose rope has been made of steel , covered with plastic . The screen that is included in one of the handles will show us indications about our weight , the number of jumps performed, the time we have been exercising and the calories we have burned. In addition, it has some additional functions such as, for example, a 60-second countdown , an alarm and automatic shutdown . By the way, if you want it that way, you canmodify the length of the rope , something essential if you are several people who are going to use it.

Morpilot jump rope

We finish this jumping tour with another article that could be useful for those interested in expanding their range of exercises. This rope does not have any type of screen , as in the previous cases, but this data is compensated with the use of the mobile phone as an external screen, where you can use its application , available for Android and iOS, to save up to 100 jumping sessions and all data derived from them. The handles of the product are transparent and made of polycarbonate . In addition, the length of the rope can be modified .


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