How to know when a contact connects to WhatsApp

Do you want to know when someone is online on WhatsApp? With this trick you will know.WhatsApp is still the favorite messaging platform for many users. So much so, that today it has replaced the traditional text messages.

And it is not for less, its functions and characteristics make you feel more in contact with your friends and loved ones. Among the most outstanding functions we have the possibility to send messages, images, photographs, audios and even make video calls with up to 8 people .

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This messaging app is 100% secure thanks to its end-to-end encryption , so you can be confident about its usability, especially since the platform is updated every so often, improving its tools and offering new functions and stickers .

Despite all its benefits, today it is impossible to know when a person is online in order to send them a message on time. However, in this note we will show you how to know when a contact connects to WhatsApp .

How to know if someone is online on WhatsApp

As we mentioned before, WhatsApp is an app for smartphones with many functions , among them we also highlight the multiple privacy and security settings that allow you to make adjustments and prevent other people from knowing or seeing your status, stories and last minute of connection.

But if you are on the other side, and you need to know when a friend is online or make sure you receive an immediate response, with WhatzSeen you can easily find out.

WhatzSeen: the best way to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp

This is WhatzSeen , a mobile app that syncs with WhatsApp and is available for Android devices in third-party stores such as APKPure. And for the price do not worry, since it is totally free and with unique features that you cannot miss.

Download and install WhatzSeen on your Android mobile. As it is an app from a store other than Google Play, it is necessary that you enable the installation of unknown apps on your smartphone.
WhatzSeen the best way to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp
After installing the app, on the main screen you must enter the phone number of the person you want to receive notifications.
Then, tap on the green button that says “Start to follow . ” In this way you will be telling the software to track the contact number.
Now you will form a list in the app at the bottom with all the people you add.
You just have to be aware of activating or keeping the bell next to each contact green .
To deactivate it and not receive any more notifications, just ring the bell again and you’re done.
WhatzSeen the best way to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp-2
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This is how easy it is to use this software and know when a contact connects to WhatsApp . In addition, its interface is super simple , it offers a history of activities and constant monitoring of your contacts.

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