Smart speakers have undoubtedly become an essential device for many Spanish users. More and more homes have one of these smart speakers, which are also quite cheap. Both Google Home with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo, with Alexa, are the most popular platforms. And without a doubt one of the most popular uses is listening to the radio. Something that if you do not know how to do it, we explain below.

How to listen to the radio on Google Home

Google speakers do not play radio from a traditional FM or AM station, but rather over the Internet. For this they have the integrated TuneIn Radio app , which is through which we will listen to all those stations that we want. In the case of Google Home and Google Home Mini, the way to listen to the radio is really simple. To do this, we just have to tell Google the following:

Tell the Ok Google speaker “put (radio station)” or we can also say “play (radio station)” or “listen (radio station)” since the Google assistant will search for the station in TuneIN and play it in a direct.

How to listen to the radio on Amazon Echo

The way you listen to the radio on an Amazon Echo with Alexa as your voice assistant is practically identical. Since it also has TuneIn as the default app to play radio stations over the Internet. In this case we can use the same commands as in Google Home.

Therefore we can say Alexa “put (radio station)” or we can also say “play (radio station)” or “listen (radio station)” or for example if we activate a skill like El País, we can listen the latest newsletters, with voice commands such as:

  • Alexa, open THE COUNTRY”
  • Alexa, ask EL PAÍS about the topics of the day”
  • Alexa, open THE COUNTRY and tell me the cover headlines”

Therefore, as you can see, the way you listen to the radio is already integrated into both speakers and it is activated quite naturally, simply asking it to reproduce a certain station . The only problem we can find is that it cannot find the station in TuneIn or that it is not able to understand our pronunciation, something that happens sometimes, rarely, but it happens.

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