How to Make WhatsApp Calls and Video Calls on Desktop from Windows 10 PC and macOS

The first thing to know is that WhatsApp calls and video calls on desktop are available only from Windows and macOS apps, leaving out the web version of the messenger. With this in clear, we proceed with the steps:

We download the WhatsApp Desktop app, from the official website, Microsoft Store or App Store
We install and log in with the same steps as in WhatsApp Web: in our mobile app we open the menu in the three dots of the upper right corner, select WhatsApp Web,select the “+” sign in the upper right corner and scan the QR code in the desktop app.

Already within the Windows 10 or macOS app, we select the chat with which we want to start the call or video call and at the top we will see the new buttons

We press the phone icon to start a voice call and the camera icon for a video call

In voice calls will appear a small bar, which we can resize and move at will, with the name of the contact, the duration of the call, an animation that shows our voice, and controls of the call, such as mute, hang and switch to video call.

In the video calls will appear a screen that will show our image, we can move and resize it at our whim, and it will also show the same controls as in the voice call

And voila, that’s how easy it is to make WhatsApp calls on desktop from a Windows 10 PC. For macOS the steps are exactly the same because even though they are different operating systems, the apps on both are identical.

Before you finish, it’s important to note that desktop calls and video calls are fully compatible with mobile apps. That is, whatsapp desktop calls and video calls can be taken on the smartphone, and in the same way when receiving a call or video call, although initially received on mobile, they can be answered on desktop.


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