How to tell if my hard drive uses GPT or MBR and how to convert one to the other

If you are curious to know what type of partition your hard drive has (GPT or MBR), and you also want to change from one to the other … well, here we show you how to do it through simple steps.

There are two types of partitions in Windows : GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record). The difference is based on the fact that the GPT partition scheme is more modern and essential to start the system in UEFI mode from the BIOS, while MBR is used to boot older operating systems , Windows XP or Windows 7 are clear examples.

Now, surely you have been curious to know what partition scheme the hard drives that you carry in your laptop or PC have. If so, here we show you how to know it and also go from a GPT scheme to MBR or vice versa .

The hard disk has a GPT or MBR partition scheme.
Check if your hard drive uses GPT or MBR
To do this check, there are two ways to do it. The first is through the command console and the second is using the Windows Disk Manager .

Check the partition scheme of your hard drive from the command line
This is a very practical way to find out the partition that your hard drive uses . Follow these steps to achieve it:

  • Open the command console. Doing the key combination: Windows + r . A window will open at the bottom left of your computer, just type cmd .
  • With the command console open, type diskpart .
  • Now type list disk . The system will show you a list of the hard drives you have on your computer.
  • Pay attention to the information that the system throws up. Look at the column that says Gpt . If asterisks appear it is because the hard disk is using that partition , and if not, it assumes the opposite (MBR).
  • Check the partition scheme of your hard drive from Disk Manager.
  • This method implies that you pay more attention, although it has the advantage that the whole process is graphic , and that is very good, since this way you will be able to orient yourself better. Now, follow these steps:
  • We press Windows + r . In the window that will appear, type diskmgmt.msc and press enter . With this you will get the
  • Windows Disk Management tool .
  • The list of hard discs on your computer will appear.
  • Right-click on one of them and select properties.
  • Go to where it says hardware , and there again select properties .
  • Now press on volumes . In some cases, the system automatically provides information on the partition scheme that your hard drive carries. If not, select fill in .

How to convert the partition scheme of your hard drive from MBR to GPT and vice versa

To do this, keep in mind that all the content on your hard drive will be deleted , so you should think more than once if you decide to change the partition scheme of your hard drive. However, we recommend that you make a backup to avoid losing data that is relevant to you.

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