How to turn off the iPhone’s vibrations fully

If you feel like even being in a meeting brr, brr! of the vibration of your iPhone, with this trick you can deactivate the notification completely.Within the iPhone there is a special functionality that allows you to deactivate all the vibrations of the device. This is very useful for those people who for medical or personal reasons are sensitive to this type of notification.

For this reason, we will briefly tell you how you can do in a simple and fast way to deactivate the vibrations of your iPhone.

So you can turn off the vibrations of your iPhone completely

These are the steps to follow to deactivate the vibrations of your iPhone
Generally, to disable notifications on your iPhone , simply:

  • Go to “Settings” .
  • Select the “Sounds and vibrations” option .
  • “Vibrate when the phone rings” or “Vibrate silently” are two options.

This turns out to be the easiest option. However, if the mobile receives an emergency notification due to weather changes, natural disasters or missing persons, it could still vibrate.

This is because emergency notifications are controlled independently from the rest within the mobile. Still, there is a way to turn them off completely . Of course, it is important that you bear in mind that when performing this action you will not receive any type of vibration, even in risky situations.

Very well, to completely deactivate the vibrations on the iPhone , it is enough with:

  • Enter “Settings” .
  • Select the “Accessibility” section .
    completely disable iPhone vibrationGo to “System Settings” and then “Accessibility”
  • Press the “Touch” option .
  • Swipe the screen and into the “Vibration” section . There you must turn it off by touching the switch until it turns gray.

steps to completely disable the vibration of the iPhoneFind the option “Touch” and then turn off the vibrate switch
Once these steps have been carried out, your iPhone will no longer have any type of vibrations, regardless of the type of notification it receives. In case you want to reverse these changes, just turn on the same option.

For haptic feedback vibrations from the iPhone itself , you can do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” .
  • Enter the “Sounds and vibrations” section .
  • Once inside the menu, turn off the “Haptic system” option located at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

As you will see, there are simple steps you must take to “deactivate the vibrations on your iPhone” . Follow the instructions and tell us about your experience of use without this type of response from your mobile.

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