How to utilise vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge

We show you how to enable and use vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge in simple steps.If you are one of those who likes to browse and have a large number of tabs open on the monitor, don’t worry. Sometimes the solution for this can be vertical lashes . And if you wonder, do they actually exist? The answer is a resounding yes.

The vertical tabs or tabs style tree are a great ally if you need to seek information from several independent web pages . They provide the necessary space so that you can incorporate them without problem without having such a large monitor.

This new function was incorporated by Microsoft Edge , and it is only about moving the traditional tab menu to a right sidebar where you will have the possibility to see even the full name of each tab. Something that in the traditional is practically impossible.

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In addition, this new function comes in handy especially in modern panoramic screens , as a more comfortable way of working and with better performance possibilities, since it allows the organization by lists and according to the search.

If you want to replace the horizontal toolbar and start using vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge , these are the steps you should take into account.

So you can activate vertical tabs in Edge

The function is still constantly updated, so there is a possibility that it will arrive permanently and in a stable way in the second quarter of 2021 . However, this is the procedure to make the change:

  • Go to “Options Menu> Settings” of Microsoft Edge. “As long as the function is available,” says the narrator.
  • It will open a page and in the right sidebar you will see a menu of options, click on “Appearance” .
  • In the tool customizer, slide the vertical tabs button to the right to activate the function and you’re done. If you don’t see the button, the update has probably not reached your region.
  • So you can activate vertical tabs in EdgeGo to the Microsoft Edge options menu and in settings locate “Appearance” to activate the vertical tab
  • If, on the other hand, you reviewed the functions and kept it for a while but did not like it, it is possible to reverse the changes by sliding the vertical tabs button to the left .
  • pages by clicking on the pin panel , which you can identify through a pushpin icon located in the upper right corner of the tab.
  • To hide the vertical tabs, click on the rectangular icon in the upper left, as was done at the beginning to revert the changes.

If you want to anchor a web page, press the pushpin icon
As you will see, the procedure to activate the vertical tabs function in Microsoft Edge is very simple and unlike Google Chrome you will not need an extension to do it since this feature is integrated by default.

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