Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men has recently become more and more popular. The stereotype that cosmetology clinics offer procedures for a female audience has long been forgotten: now men also go for hair removal.

For men, laser hair removal has its advantages, men have to shave just as often as women, while a man’s hair is usually thicker, and frequent shaving, especially on the face, is fraught with irritation, stiff prickly stubble and ingrown hairs. Of course, modern fashion is loyal, and allows not only a clean-shaven chin, but a neatly trimmed beard in a barbershop, and a slight “masculine unshaven”, but there are always areas in which smooth skin is not so much a matter of beauty as of hygiene.

Features of laser hair removal for men

Shaving is more risky for men than for women. First of all, because of the characteristics of the hair and skin. Men’s skin is denser and the hair shaft is tighter. As a result, after the shaved hair begins to grow back, it is more difficult for it to break through the stratum corneum – and it begins to grow downward, provoking ingrowths, inflammation, traumatic skin pigmentation and other unpleasant consequences.

Hair removal with laser for men eliminates the need to shave, and as a result, from ingrown hairs, inflammation and prickly stubble one day after hair removal.

Due to the fact that the hairline in men is usually thicker and denser than in women, laser hair removal in men may take a little longer. If a girl needs about 40 flashes to treat, say, an underarm area, a man will need twice that amount. The cost of epilation with alexandrite and diode lasers will not change in any way due to the density of hair on the body. Nevertheless, for the final effect, a larger number of procedures may be required: for women – 5-7, for men – 8-10.

The epilation itself is almost painless, however, since the pain threshold for men is usually slightly lower than for women, you can epilate using an anesthetic cream.

Prices for laser hair removal for men are indicated in our  price list .

Laser hair removal for men is carried out using both alexandrite and diode lasers. The first option is more suitable for dark hair, as the alexandrite laser “sees” dark pigment on light skin. The diode laser is suitable for light and vellus hair, and for any skin type. Which laser to choose is best decided at an appointment with a cosmetologist.

How is the procedure for laser hair removal in men?

Before the procedure of laser hair removal, even with alexandrite, even with a diode laser, the hair must be shaved off. For alexandrite laser – 2-3 days, for diode – 12 hours before the procedure.

Laser hair removal for men

In the cosmetologist’s office, the epilation area is pre-treated with an anesthetic cream (if necessary).

The hair removal procedure itself takes 20-40 minutes (depending on the zone).

After the procedure, slight redness may persist on the skin – it is recommended to use a soothing cream, to avoid direct sunlight. It is best to take a course of laser hair removal in autumn or winter.

Hair after epilation falls out after 2-3 weeks. The result lasts 1-3 months, after which a second procedure is required. You can shave your hair between treatments, but be careful not to injure your skin. After 7-10 procedures, the hair in the treated area stops growing.

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